Diary ng Panget The Movie

"Wala ng bawian mamatay man. Period. No erase.” x

Cross Sandford x Eya Rodriguez

Wala ng bawian, mamatay man, period. No erase






SORRY TO BE LATE TO THIS PARTY but I’ve been dying all night over the fact that the VERY FIRST TIME The X Factor named Zayn or focused on him in any way, it was to foreshadow his Too Nervous To Dance On Stage story, and he’s standing there, stressed and upset and interviewing about how he’s not really comfortable or confident with his dancing, and the cameraman just HAPPENED to also catch TOTAL STRANGER LOUIS “FOOTLOOSE AND FANCY FREE” TOMLINSON in the background doing…whatever that is. THE UNIVERSE IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE.


not ready to see niall crying while performing at croke park, not ready to hear niall’s heart warming speech he’s going to give at croke park, not ready to see how big niall’s smile is at croke park, not ready to hear the other boys talk about niall and how proud they are of him, not ready