- Out of the Woods, Taylor Swift

Jadine. Guys, I ship it.


You’re perfect to me.

Talk Back and You’re Dead, NOW SHOWING NATIONWIDE!


One of my favorite scene from the trailer. He is super cute eh. :”)


One slap, one kiss.

My favorite scene from the movie. Hehe! Sorry!Top is the cutest.

You are one in a billion and close to extinction.

—Timothy Odelle Pendleton (via nightxwarrior)

James x Nadine

I don’t know. I just like the way you talk or shout, the smell of your hair, your eyes, your voice, your laugh, the way you treat me, your soft lips. I like everything about you…. And I think… I think… Ahh Fuck! This is really gay… I think…. I like you more and more.

Timothy Odelle Pendleton (Talk Back and You’re Dead)

I’ll do everything just to spend another day like this with you.

—Timothy Odelle Pendleton (via adventt)